Being an alpha version, MapWorks is about to evolve. In which direction is up to you, too. That’s why we like to read from you in the comments below. What do you like, what’s not working well and most important: what features should be there?

Read here, why we are doing this and which map tools inspired us.

The following features we plan to come up with:

– save and share styles
– insert labels (text)
– insert icons (upload your own icons)
– open sourcing the code
– maybe somewhere in the future: slippy (vector) maps

Please comment below or get in touch via E-mail mapworks-at-lokaler-de, Facebook or Twitter.

9 thoughts on “Feedback”

  1. I like the idea and design of the platform. Unfortunatly the UI has some UX problems, as it seems to mix contexts in the edit dialogs.

    Usecase: Peter likes to create an map for his flyer, so his customers will find the way to his location. The zooms/pans till the view fits and likes to highlight his building. He clicks at edit and clicks at the building. Now he is lost in a lot of colour options and if he alters, the global colours change :-/

    1. Thanks for the feedback. So it would be better, to make a clearer distinction between editing singe elements of the map and the options to edit elements globally?

      1. Yep and a ‘focus’ for the selected object. Users might click first on the map and then alter the color (select-pattern), instead of choosing a colour first and alter the objects on the map (fill-pattern).

  2. A translation would be nice, as some users (older, youngest, …) are only familar with their native language.

  3. It’s great! Even in it’s alpha =) I used to make screenshots of .. maps, and then edit them with paint-like programs, to describe someone how he can get to my place, but now this is not only super-easy, it’s even amusing! And if you can register and save/share a map (with your preferences stored), you won’t even have to export it – just share it =) Keep it simple and clean as it is. Great job!

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