Mapworks – pretty useful maps

MapWorks is about useful and pretty map design – based on the data from the wonderful OpenStreetMap. Get a static map in your style as a png-image or svg-file (the later can be edited further in Illustrator, Sketch etc.).

Give it a try:

We’ve been inspired by projects like Mapbox’s Tilemill, Stamen’s Fieldpapers and Mapstack. Not to forget Mapzen, which does interesting things with vector maps – and last but not least Pinpoint and Monochome.

Working with and trying out these mentioned tools we felt that something like MapWorks is needed. It‘s not about data visualisation on maps, because CartoDB is doing great in this regards. But not everybody is a map nerd and can handle software like QGis or Mapbox Studio (2).

We hope you like our alpha of MapWorks and it would be great hearing from you: What are you missing, what doesn‘t work and so on: Please give us feedback here here or get in touch via Facebook or Twitter.


Hans Hack – code
Lorenz Matzat – concept
Thomas Groot – design
Georg Faerber – server

MapWorks is a product by Lokaler (Berlin, Germany).

Thanks to
OpenStreetMap & Leaflet & PhantomJS